The other night I was on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, on the corner of 4th Street, and had this happy surprise:  A nature inspired fence creating a very attractive border around the building.  Thank you, whoever you are who decided to use your creativity and money to create this man made allusion to the natural world.   It is beautiful, whimsical, creative, and made me happy to see it.  
It also reminded me of my favorite architect ever, the Spaniard Antonio Gaudi. He is known for a colorful style that is infused with shapes and lines from nature.

Casa Batllo, Barcelona
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09/24/2012 1:20am

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06/03/2013 5:27am

There are many surprises hidden in this nature but only for those who think about it! How things happen periodically, how did these flowers become this much attractive and so on! I always love to see such posts related to nature!

01/03/2014 4:31am

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